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Курс предназначен для активации грамматики в устной речи. Все остальные компоненты лексика, чтение, аудирование, письмо не являются целью курса.

Это не грамматический справочник. Если требуется конкретное правило, лучше идти на курс “Грамматика английского в упражнениях по Скайпу”.


Содержание курса

В курсе содержится много аутентичных материалов (видео, песен), которые помогут повысить мотивацию подростков при обучении языку.

Может быть использован как самостоятельный курс, а также как вспомогательный курс для General for Children.

Подходит для школьников 5-9 классов

Подходит для школьников 5,6,7,8,10 класса (а также для 9 и 11 классов, если нет цели сдавать экзамен).

  • занятия проходят один на один с преподавателем;
  • рекомендуемая интенсивность — 1-2 урока в неделю;
  • подходит для среднего уровня;
  • домашнее задание


Курс состоит из:

  • говорения (40%);
  • письма (5%);
  • аудирования (20%);
  • чтения (5%).
  • грамматики (20%);
  • лексики (10%)


В результате курса студент:

  • научится правильно применять грамматические конструкции в устной речи;
  • устранит грамматические ошибки в устной и письменной речи;
  • станет более самостоятельным в работе с аутентичными материалами и общении с иностранными друзьями;
  • снимет языковой барьер;
  • выйдет за  рамки школьной программы


Содержание курса «Разговорная грамматика английского по Скайпу» по уровням


  1. What type of learner are you?
Can V, can’t V, must V, the ImperativeIntroductory lesson, get acquainted, ice-breaking lesson, vimbox guide, instructions, classroom rules, virtual classroom, Skyeng resources, application Words, blog, Skyeng lyrics, social networks
2.       Welcome to schoolThe verb «to be»Student, new, favourite, Greece, nationality, British, American, Italy, phone number
3.        This is my worldPlural and singular, this, that, those, theseThis, these, that, those, a man, a woman, a baby, a child, a mouse, children, women, mice, fish, plural, singular
4.       Lost and foundPossessive adjectives, ‘s, whoseHer, his, our, their, its, my, Anna’s, Ben’s, whose, guitar, bike, lost, found
5.       Family portrait / End of the unit testHave/has got, pre-test consolidationA family, a sister, a brother, grandparents, a sibling, a parent, a son, a daughter, have got, has got
6.       The place where you liveThere is, there areGrammar, there is, there are, room, street, city, country
7.       My dream room  There is, there areRoom, my dream room, design, there is, there are
8.       Going shoppingCountable and uncountable nounsMuch, many, lots of, some, any, food, drinks
9.       Let’s cook  There is, there are, much, many, some, any, countable and uncountable nounsShopping for food, recipe, containers, ingredients
10.  Let’s cook (part 2 )Countable and uncountable nouns, much, many, a lotShopping for food, recipe, containers, ingredients
Revise and check 1To be, there is, there are, possessive, singular and plural nouns, countable and uncountable nouns
12.    Live wellPresent SimpleGet up, go to school, do homework, have free time, meet with friends
13.    All the things we likeLike, love, hate, VingSwimming, dancing, reading, like, love, enjoy, hate, good at, bad at, drawing, painting, collecting, board games, art
14.    The Chocolate factory (Project)Present Simple
15.  My favourite photosPresent ContinuousHoliday, vacation,  have a rest, go on holiday, swim, sunbathe, relax, travel, ski, skate
My favourite photos Present ContinuousJob, work, chef, photographer, teacher, dentist, postman, doctor, dancer, firefighter
17.    Going back in timeWas, wereAncient, town, street, horse, castle, amphitheatre, transport, street light, traffic light
18.    StarsPast Simple Regular verbsFamous, actor, actress, musician, sportsman, rich, success. performance, concert, stage, album, music, cinema, competition
19.    School is coolPast Simple Irregular verbsSchool, timetable, science, PE, geography, history, canteen, French, holidays
20.    Ancient civilizations (Project)Past FormsAncient, Incas , Egyptians, civilisation, cotton, wheat, wool, wood, to grow, to build
21.    Revise and check 3Past Simple of regular and irregular verbsRevise and check, grammar, test, elementary, speaking, listening, reading, check, Past Simple, was, were
22.    Talent ShowCan, Could for abilityTo dive, to play the violin, to jump, to swim, to throw a javelin, to perform
23.    Safe citiesCan, Must, Have to for rules and permissionsSubway, a cable car, a bus, a train, rules, a museum attendant, a bus driver, obligation, ticket, fine, to follow rules
24.    Life now and thenPast forms of the modal verbs: had to, didn’t have to, could, couldn’t, be able toFamily, lifestyle, now and then, modal verbs, can, could, had to, be able to
25.    How to escape from houseworkModalsTo tidy, to clean, to take the rubbish out, to do the washing-up, to do the hoovering, to do the shopping, a chore, housework, rule
26.    Similar or different?Adjectives: Comparative DegreeCompare, comparison, rich, poor, young, old, cheap, nice, heavy, small, big, boring, interesting
27.    The best in classAdjectives:Superlative DegreeTall, short, hard-working, lazy, intelligent, boring, stupid, smart, plump, nice, pretty, kind, beautiful, fat, thin, short
28.    Around the world in 50 minutes (project)Comparative and superlative degrees of adjectivesWeather, climate, Los Angeles, San Francisco, comparative, superlative, adjectives, the best, the worst, dry, wet, foggy, the smallest, the highest, as big as an elephant, as old as ice, as light as a feather
29.    Revise and check 4Can V, must V, have to V, Comparative and superlative degreesRevise and check, grammar, test, elementary, speaking, listening, reading, check, modal verbs, have to, don’t have to, must, can, can’t
30.    We’re going on a school tripBe going to + VBe going to, plan, trip, excursion, field trip, museum, park, go on holiday, weekend, tour, exhibition
31.    A city of the futureWill +V
32.    Three wishesWould like to + V, want to + V, Let’s + VGenie, wish, to grant, to summon, to want, let’s, would like to, busy, free
33.    The great outdoorsShould, shouldn’t, the Imperative; Shall I?Сamping, tent, torch, backpack, map, compass, moonrise kingdom, route, should, shall, imperative, beach, hiking
34.    A journey into the futureWill V, be going to VFuture, space, astronaut, moon, travel, earth, star, gravity, galaxy, will V, be going to V, offer, plan, intention, grammar
35.    Revise and Check 5Will V, be going to VTest, revise and check, revision, grammar, be going to V, will V, won’t , listening, reading, writing, speaking
36.    A book or a film?Present Perfect for experienceFilm, cinema, comedy, seen, been, Present Perfect, ever, never, experience, book
37.    Party PlannersParty, Present Perfect, Past Simple, just, already, yet, celebrate, invite, cake, picnic, blow, candle, wish, surprise, last year, yesterdayPresent Perfect for result, Past Simple
38.    Special skillsPresent Perfect with for and since, Past SimpleSkills, talents, hobby, free time, playing the guitar, to chat, to swim, to dance, to read, Present Perfect, for, since, Past Simple
39.    Let’s go to a festival!Relative pronouns who, which, that; Conjunctions and, but, or, if, while, where, when, thatA festival, an event, a concert, a film, a stage, a violin, a guitarist, a saxophone, a piano, a performer, a relative clause, that, who, which, and, an invitation, to invite, while, when, where
40.     Revise and check 6Present Perfect, Past SimpleRevise and check, test, revision, Present Perfect, Past Simple, reading, listening,  grammar, speaking, writing, level test
41.    Get ready for the testThe verb to be in present and past, there is / there are, plural and singular, possessives, how much / many, have got, present simple, love /like ving, present continuous, Past simple, modals caRevise, revision, grammar, consolidation, test, revise and check, grammar activating, elementary, level test, listening, reading , speaking
42.     Final test



1.     What kind of learner are you?Introductory lessonInterests, hobbies
2.     Your lifePresent Simple and Present ContinuousGrammar, daily routine, everyday life
3.     A day in lifePresent Simple, Present ContinuousBoarding school, everyday life, curriculum, detention, optional subjects, junior, senior, secondary
4.     A Surprise PartyPresent Continuous, to be going to, will/won’tParty, celebration, invitation, presents, guests, to throw a party, to plan a party
5.     The future begins todayBe going to V, Future Simple. may V, might VSpace, spaceship, astronaut, future, predictions, plans
6.     The future begins today part 2Be going to, Future Simple, may, mightWays of speaking about the future
7.     Revise and check 1Present Simple, Present Continuous, Ways of speaking about the futureTest, practice, revise and check, listening, grammar test, reading, speaking, essay, writing
8.     A bad hair dayPast SimpleA bad hair day, unfortunate, lucky, unlucky, to miss, to forget, to quarrell
9.     The way things used to beUsed to, didn’t use toPrimary, secondary, teacher, shy, behave, distract, used to, didn’t use to
10.  Incredible storiesPast Continuous
11.  A haunted housePast Simple, Past ContinuousGhost, haunted, frightened, scary, prophecy, horror
12.  The Canterville GhostPast Simple, Past ContinuousGhost, Canterville, castle, haunted, scared, terrify, murder, skeleton, suit of armor, bloodstain, chain
13.  Amazing peoplePresent Perfect, Past SimpleFamous, experience, climb a mountain, do a research, meet a famous person
14.  Talents and interestsPresent Perfect, Past SimpleBe interested in, be fond of, talented, famous, musician
15.  Role ModelsPresent Perfect, Past Simple, Past ContinuousRole model, famous, ambitious, to achieve, to give up, successful, determination, self-confident, lucky, legend
16.  Revise and check 2Revision, past simple, past continuous, present perfectArt, talented people, Van Gogh, Coco Chanel, Versace, famous people
17.  Into the wildAdjectives (comparative and superlative)
18.  A school performanceAdjectives (comparative and superlative)Performance, perform, play, brilliant, fast, hard, quickly, nicely, slowly, wonderfully, better, worse, best, worst
19.  Unusual homesDegrees of comparison of adjectives and adverbsHome, house, place where you live, grammar, adjectives, adverbs, degrees of comparison, flat, huge, tiny, superlative, better, best, worse, worst
20.  We are the champions!Modal Verbs for ability, possibility, obligation can/could/have to/had toSportsman, diver, football player, the Olympics, competition, champion, championship, medal, to win, to lose
21.  A sound mind in a sound bodyModal Verbs for obligation and prohibition (must, should, have to)Healthy, diet, exercise, lose weight, fresh, protein, vegetables, active, jogging
22.  Weird school rulesModal VerbsPermission, allow, illegal, ink, have to, must, don’t have to, wear a uniform, grade, encourage, forbid
23.  Revise and check 3Revision, modal verbs, comparative adjectives, superlative adjectivesSport, health, water, Olympics, stress, healthy lifestyle
24.  Awesome scienceZero Conditional sentencesTo dissolve, to mix, to evaporate, to freeze, to melt, to boil, to heat, to bounce, liquid, fluid, scientific, science, to do an experiment
25.  Jinxed!First ConditionalSuperstition, superstitious, jinx, jinxed, luck, curse, misfortune, clover, horseshoe, umbrella, ladder, cat, black, witch
26.  Becoming an inventorZero and First Conditional sentencesInvent, inventor, develop, discover, design, designer, engineer, Nobel prize, genius, lever, button, handle
27.  More than you need?Countable and uncountable, quantifiersCountable, uncountable, lifestyle, questionnaire, unhealthy, healthy, environment, body age, coffee, computer game, chocolate, much, many, a little, a few, a lot of
28.  Discover the world around youThe usage of articlesArticles, indefinite, definite, zero article, the, a, an, explore, discover, area, geography, scenery, countryside, wild, camping, city
29.  HobbiesPresent perfect continuous, present perfectPresent perfect continuous, present perfect, hobbies
30.  How is chocolate made?Passive Voice PresentTo harvest, cocoa, beans, chocolate, coffee, to bake, to grow, to collect, to produce, to ship, to mix, to add, to sell, to deliver
31.  The places you’ll never forgetPassive Voice PastBuilding, design, architect, architecture, locate, famous, skyscraper, house, brick, concrete, glass, pyramid, Taj Mahal, Empire State Building
32.  Join the “green team”First Conditional, Passive VoiceEnvironment, video lesson, nature, recycle, ecology, global warming, greenhouse effect, polar bear, First Conditional, Passive Voice
33.  Revise and check 4First and zero conditionals, passive voice and countable/uncountable nouns, articlesEcology, technology, environment, pollution, transport, computer, computer games, city
34.  A job for lifeGerund and InfinitiveA surgeon, a vet, a lifeguard, an injection, keen on, good at, bad at, interested in, infinitive, gerund, decide, want, would like to
35.  A million… words!Indefinite pronouns, relative clausesThat, which, who, word, new, quiz, brunch, TV show, compound, somebody, something, anybody, anything
36.  FameSecond ConditionalFame, fortune, celebrity, famous, rich, film star, actress, footballer, politician, intelligent, wealthy
37.  Music makes the world go roundSecond conditional, If only…, I wish…Music, song, Barenaked Ladies, Nina Simone, conditional, if, wish, if only, verse, classical, rock, pop, Second Conditional, Glee, Joan Osborne
38.  Revise and check 5Revision, gerund and infinitive, indefinite pronouns “some/any/no -body,-one,-thing”, Second Conditional, I wish, If only, I’d rather, I’d betterMusic genre, Mozart, health, job, job interview, funny stories, famous people, musician
39.  That’s a great story!Past PerfectPast Perfect, a story, by the time, after, had done, the past participle, event, Past Simple, true, false, a concert, a series, a movie, a lie, a truth
40.  Mog saved the dayPast Simple, Past Continuous, Past PerfectChristmas
41.  Show us your talentReported orders, advice and requests, Reported statements in present, Reported questions in presentTalent, skill, ghostwriter, reported statements, reported questions, word order, convince, advise, recommend, persuade, tell, speak, say, talk, artist, ballet dancer, achievement, achieve, reporting verb, want to know, order to do
42.  Read onReported statements, reported questionsBooks, reviews, read, online, blog, magazine, author, writer, article, title, comment, reported statement, reported questions, sequence of tenses, reporting verbs
43.  Speak outReported speechIndirect speech, reported speech, school magazines
44.  The ReaderTag questionsBooks, reading, tag questions
45.  CelebritiesPrepositions of time, place and movementPrepositions, time, place, movement, celebrities
46.  Revise and check 6Reported Speech, Past Perfect, Tag Questions, Prepositions, Relative pronounsRevise and check, revision, test, grammar, listening, reading, speaking, writing
47.  Get ready for the testPresent Simple vs Present Continuous Ways of speaking about the future Past Simple, Past Continuous Present Perfect Modal verbs have to, should, can, must Zero, First, Second Conditionals Passive voice present and past Relative clauses Reported SpeechRevise, revision, grammar, consolidation, test, revise and check, grammar activating, pre-intermediate, level test, listening, reading, speaking
48.  Final testReported speech, conditional sentences, modal verbs, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Continuous, be going to V, will VTest, final test, assess, grammar test, level test, pre-intermediate, end-of-the-course test



1.     Eating habitsPresent simple, present continuousFood, cooking, restaurants, habits, diet
2.     Olympic storiesPast simple, past continuousSport, health, Olympic games, stories
3.     Changing lifePresent perfect simple, present perfect continuousChange, move abroad, travelling, trip, holiday
4.     I’ve done something extremePresent perfect simple, present perfect continuous, past simple, compound adjectivesTravelling, extreme sport, holiday, adventures
5.     I’d done it beforePast perfect simple, past perfect continuous, past simpleSurvival, extreme situations, holiday, adventures, telling stories
6.     I will go around the worldPresent simple, present continuous, future simple, futureTravelling, holiday, plans, future, nature, cities, sightseeing
7.     What your future might beMay/might, could, be about to, be likely to, be sure to, be due toPredictions, astrology, future life, changes, new job, celebrities
8.     What did she say?Reported speechHoliday, independent life, exchange students, interview, Emma Watson
9.     Lifestyle trends (Project)Present, Past and Future tensesProject lesson, health, fitness, diet, trendy, emotions, aware, video lesson, healthy lifestyle, blog, emotional intelligence
10.  RevisionPresent simple,present continuous, present perfect simple, past simple,past continuous, past perfect simple, past perfect continuous future simple, future continuous, future perfect, reported speechIncredible stories, science, extreme, survival, future plans
11.  Power of mindGerund and infinitiveMind power, mind reading, creativity, memory, intelligence, The Big Bang Theory
12.  Learning experienceUsed to, would, would rather, had betterEducation, learning, exams, past habits
13.  Science and technologyPassive formsRobots, science, technology, gadgets, devices, scientists
14.  Crime and punishmentPassive voice, have/get smth done, modals in passiveCrime, criminals, punishment, judge, prison, news headlines, Sherlock Holmes
15.  Internet has changed our lifePresent simple,present continuous, present perfect simple, past simple,past continuous, past perfect simple, past perfect continuous future simple, future continuous, future perfect, reported speech, gerund and infinitive, used to/ would, passive voiceOnline shopping, social network, studying online, schools in the past, the Internet
16.  Revise and check 1Present tenses, past tenses, future tenses, passive voice, reported speech, used to/wouldRevision, test, crime and punishment, past memories, future plans
17.  Life skillsModal verbs, ability,  permission, request, offers, suggestions , can/could, be able to, may, shall, wouldLifestyle, life skills, modal verbs, ability, permission, request, offers, suggestions, can/could, be able to, may, shall/should, would
18.  Manners people haveModal verbs, ability, permission, request, offers, suggestions, can/could, be able to, be allowed to, may, shall, would, manage to, succeed inLifestyle, manners, differences, modal verbs, ability, permission, request, offers, suggestions, can/could, be able to, be allowed to, may, shall, would, manage to, succeed in
19.  Rules written and unwrittenObligation, necessity, prohibition, advice, possibility in present and future, must, have to, need to, ability, permission, request, offer, can/could, be able to, may, might, shall, should, would, manage to, succeed in, be allowed to, must, have to, need to, ought to, had ratherRules, lifestyle, obligation, necessity, prohibition, advice, possibility in present and future, ability, permission, request, offer, can/could, be able to, may, might, shall, should, would, manage to, succeed in, be allowed to, must, have to, need to, ought to, had rather
20.  If success comes to your lifeZero conditional, first conditional, if, unless and other conjunctionsLifestyle, conditionals, zero conditional, first conditional, unless, if, unless
21.  If you had to chooseZero conditional, first conditional, second conditionalChoice, lifestyle, heroes, happiness, conditionals, zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional
22.  If I had faced this challengeZero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditionalChallenge, lifestyle, heroes, regrets, conditionals, zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, if/unless, conjunctions
23.  Wishes and regretsZero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, I wish, if only, if, unless and other conjunctionsLifestyle, wishes, regrets, conditionals, zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, unless, if, unless,I wish, If only
24.  Advice we give and followZero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, I wish, if only, if, unless, providing, as long as, when, beforeRevision, lifestyle, wishes, regrets, advice, conditionals, zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, if, unless,I wish, If only
25.  MagicCountable, uncountable nouns; articles a/an, the, no articleMagic, Harry Potter, films
26.  Superpowers and superheroesQuantifiers with different nouns (all, little, few, every, etc.); indefinite pronouns some-, any-, every-, no-
27.  Fantastic creaturesSpecial uses of articles (exceptions, set expressions, proper nouns)Fantastic creatures, Harry Potter, articles
28.  Ghost storiesReflexive pronouns (myself, etc.); each other; one/ones; another/the otherReflexive pronouns, ghosts
29.  The film that changed meRelative clauses, defining, non-definingCinema, actors, films, movies, review, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter
30.  Having read the bookParticiple clauses, complex object, infinitiveCinema, books, actors, films, movies, review, Twilight, Alice in Wonderland
31.  Various artRelative clauses, participle clauses, discourse markersArt, graffiti, tattoo, painting, music, films, installation, sculpture, theatre, Shakespeare
32.  In order to sellLinkers of purpose, result, contrast, discourse markersAdvertisement, selling, supermarkets, persuasion, creativity
33.  Career choicesSuffixes and prefixes of nouns and adjectivesCareer, job, profession, job interview, skills, talents, abilities, the Big bang theory
34.  Time managementSuffixes and prefixes of verbsTime, killing time, work, time bandits, Madonna, school
35.  InterviewingDirect questions, indirect questions, tag questions, subject questionsInterviews, celebrities, famous people, Angelina Jolie, reporters, journalism
36.  Revise and Check 4Relative clause, questions, participle, prepositions, word formation, linkersRevision, test, work, job, TV, lottery, winners, interview
37.  RevisionRelative clauses, discourse markers, prepositions, collocations, word formation, questionsLeadership, victory, winners, losers, entrepreneur, Katy Perry


Выберите свой курс английского языка по Скайпу!

Более 80 специализированных курсов английского языка по Скайпу были разработаны и реализуются совместно с Американо-Британской языковой школой. Свой курс для каждой ситуации — гарантия хороших результатов обучения.


 Курс Уровни
Изучение английского языка для общих целейBeginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced, Proficiency
Деловой английский язык / BusinessElementary, Intermediate , Upper-Intermediate, Advanced
Курсы разговорного английского языка по скайпу  / SpokenPre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced
Английский язык в реальной жизни / English in real worldElementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate
Английский для путешествийBeginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate
Грамматика английского языкаElementary, Intermediate


 Курс Уровни
Подготовка к ЕГЭ по английскому языкуIntermediate
Подготовка к экзамену FCE по английскому языку Intermediate
Подготовка к экзамену IELTS по английскому языкуIntermediate
Подготовка к экзамену CAE по английскому языку Advanced
Подготовка к экзамену CPE по английскому языкуProficiency
Подготовка к экзамену Cambridge English Business (BEC)


Подготовка к экзамену TOEFL по английскому языку Upper-Intermediate
Подготовка к ОГЭ по английскому языкуPre-Intermediate
Весь список экзаменов, к которым мы можем подготовить:

PTE (The Pearson Test of English)
Skills for the TOEIC Test
YLE Cambridge Exams for Kids

Если у определенной профессиональной направленности нет ссылки на отдельную страницу с описанием курса, это значит, что страница с описанием курса в разработке, ОДНАКО обучение уже проходит, и Вы можете также начать обучаться по данному курсу.

Список курсов английского по профессиям: 

EAP (английский для академических целей)
IT — программистам, вебразработчикам, менеджерам проектов (Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate)
Авиация (Pre-Intermediate, Elementary, Intermediate)
Автомобильный бизнес
Английский для строителей
Аэрокосмическая отрасль
Бортпроводникам (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate)
Бухгалтерия (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate)
Индустрия красоты
Информационные технологии
Искусство и дизайн
Клиентский менеджмент
Логистика и транспорт (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate)
Маркетинг и реклама (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate)
Машиностроение (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate)
Механика (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate)
Медицина и сестринское дело (Intermediate, Advanced)
Нефть и газ (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate)
Общественное питание (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate)
Отдел кадров (Pre-intermediate)
Отельный бизнес и кейтеринг (Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate)
Переговоры по телефону
Покупки одежды
Проведение встреч
Проведение презентаций
Продажи и покупки (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate)
Салон красоты
Сельское хозяйство
Составление писем
Техническим специалистам (Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate)
Управление (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate)
Туризм (Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate)
Финансовый сектор (Pre-Intermediate)
Электроэнергия (Elementary, Pre-intermediate)
Юриспруденция (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate)

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Выгода 12960 руб.

520 руб.
Скидки! Минигруппа - 40%, обучение семьи - 10%.

ПакетыСтоимость пакетаВыгодаСтоимость 1 урока
4 урока4811 руб.1200 руб.
8 уроков9144 руб.

Выгода 459 руб.

1143 руб.
12 уроков12268 руб.

Выгода 2132 руб.

1022 руб.
24 урока23093 руб.

Выгода 5707 руб.

962 руб.
36 уроков33480 руб.

Выгода 9720 руб.

930 руб.
72 урока65520 руб.

Выгода 20880 руб.

910 руб.
Скидки! Минигруппа - 40%, обучение семьи - 10%.

ПакетыСтоимость пакетаВыгодаСтоимость 1 урока
4 урока3360 руб.840 руб.
8 уроков6384 руб.

Выгода 336 руб.

798 руб.
12 уроков8568 руб.

Выгода 1512 руб.

714 руб.
24 урока16128 руб.

Выгода 4032 руб.

672 руб.
36 уроков23400 руб.

Выгода 6840 руб.

650 руб.
72 урока45360 руб.

Выгода 15120 руб.

630 руб.
Скидки! Минигруппа - 40%, обучение семьи - 10%.

ПакетыСтоимость пакетаВыгодаСтоимость 1 урока
4 урока5760 руб.1440 руб.
8 уроков10976 руб.

Выгода 544 руб.

1372 руб.
12 уроков14712 руб.

Выгода 2568 руб.

1226 руб.
24 урока27696 руб.

Выгода 6864 руб.

1154 руб.
36 уроков40680 руб.

Выгода 11160 руб.

1130 руб.
72 урока79200 руб.

Выгода 24480 руб.

1100 руб.
Скидки! Минигруппа - 40%, обучение семьи - 10%.


В зависимости от целей, для которых вам нужен английский язык, можно выделить следующие основные направления.

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