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Hello, my name is Chris.

I come from Telemark in Norway. I teach English and Norwegian in Hogwarts Online School.  I’m an easy going person, with enthusiasm for the language, and a great sense of humor. As a teacher my attention is strictly focused on you, the student. Working with people is my true vocation, and I have done it for many years. I’ve taught students from all age groups and levels. My experience with the English language includes living and working in Ireland. I spent more than 5 wonderful years there, gathering lots of useful and interesting knowledge. Some of my relatives live in the US, and I use English to communicate with them on a regular basis. The language barrier can sometimes be hard to overcome, and I know how to make it easier. Furthermore I really try to make the lessons fun and interesting. I truly enjoy a good conversation and I’m good at breaking the ice. English is truly the world language at this point in history, and it seems to become more and more popular. Both as a business language, and a means to connect with tourists and people in other countries through social media and so on. In many ways the world is getting smaller and smaller through the spreading of English. I would love to bring you to the level of English you want!

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