Английский с Claude



  • грамматический курс
  • разговорный курс
  • подготовка к собеседованию


  • подготовка к международным экзаменам
  • бизнес курс
  • профессиональный курс
  • подготовка к присяге

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Why did you decide to teach language?
— I decided to teach languages to Give the taste and the chance to know another language, make a difference to the student.

What do you like in teaching?
— of course, English, French, guitar, geography, business behavior

When did you start teaching?
— I started to teach guitar I was 18, i gave many sales and marketing trainings

What languages do you teach? Do you speak Russian?
— I teach English and French, яговорюРусский немного

What levels of students do you prefer to teach?
Answer:I can teach for beginner as intermediary without problem

What courses of language do you teach?
— I teach initiation to the language, from the first class till ninth, also the sales technic, business behavior in English and in French, almost of the time I use the MISAE effect, Make It Simple And Easy.

What education do you have and where did you get it?
— i have a college in sales and marketing, I got it in Canada

Tell us more about your teaching experience, language certificates and awards.
— I don’t have any certificate or awards,

What methods of teaching and books do you use?
— the books or the methods you will give me

What do you like in teaching?
— see the progression of my students, have fun to teach and my students have fun to learn

Your achievements as a language teacher…
— My achievements is on the peoples who learned and where they are today. Some are international sales director, some are representative in Europe.

What strong sides of yours’ help your students in learning?
— their goals, what they want from what they learn, I always bring in their minds, their goals present or future. Even a child has goals, maybe dad promises a new bike if he have good notes. The adult, will be promoted, or find love.

Imagine that your student doesn’t show interest to your lessons. What will you do?
— the only way to keep the student interest in your lessons, is to know in what is his center of interest, it could be, music, video games, sport, movies, etc… with these information’s you can keep him interest and focus

How often and how do you use a teaching language in a real life?
— many times, my wife daughter learns English at school, i worked with her on her homework.

What are your interests?
— i have many interests, music, news, business, travel, sports, cultures, business behavior of other countries.

What would you like to wish your future students?
— i wish to my future students to realise how it can open doors the knowledge of others languages, how it’s important to be understand and understand others. But the most pleasant is to accomplish yourself.

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