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Why did you decide to teach language?
— Languages are a very good way to discover new cultures and psychologies. Not only about other people, but as well about oneself.

What do you like in teaching?
— There is always an exchange when teaching. The teacher provides knowledge. The pupil provides enthusiasm and satisfaction.

When did you start teaching?
— a long time ago… almost 5 years. I started with science, and then realized I had a big knowledge in languages which I was not using.

What languages do you teach? Do you speak Russian?
— I teach Italian, English, German and Russian.

What levels of students do you prefer to teach?
— I actually do not have any preference. Starters are the most difficult, but, after all, also the most thanksgiving.

What courses of language do you teach?
— almost everything what needs to be taught.

What education do you have and where did you get it?
— I am Ph.D (Doctor Nauk in Russia). I have an European Omnicomprensive Experience

Tell us more about your teaching experience, language certificates and awards.
— Well. I speak english almost 31 years. Have worked in the UK and US. I studied German for over 20 years and worked closely to German customers for over a year. I lately discovered my soul must be Russian. And of course I am native Italian speaker. These are my awards. On purpose of teaching, I worked as teacher in Saint Petersburg for both English and Italian Languages in different schools, and Russian as foreigner both in the US and the UK.

What methods of teaching and books do you use?
— I use simple dialogue books for German and English. For Italian I use L’Espresso. For Russian I use the pupils’ textbooks

What do you like in teaching?
— There is always an exchange when teaching. The teacher provides knowledge. The pupil provides enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Your achievements as a language teacher…
— No complaints. Italian A1 level in 4 weeks (group) English A1 level in 10 lessons (individual). German proficiency in 2 months.

What strong sides of yours’ help your students in learning?
Answer:My strongest sides are Love for knowledge and Enthusiasm. I burn with passion and can easily ignite other’s

Imagine that your student doesn’t show interest to your lessons. What will you do?
— Well you know, it happens. What to do is pretty simple. I start talking directly to him. draw his attention. Asking what is wrong and so on. Nobody ever remained unaffected 🙂

How often and how do you use a teaching language in a real life?
— Well there have been periods when I was teaching every day. Others when I had no chance of doing it. Anyway, I am looking forward to start again the exciting job of teacher!

What are your interests?
— Life. Sports (surf, Ski, Drift, Motorbikes) Philosophy, making new friends… everything which gives the opportunity to share a smile.

What would you like to wish your future students?
— best of luck and may they have Passion within not to stop in front of anything!

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